The 2018 Rochester Community Cookie Walk was a great success, raising $2,977 for worthy charities.
We had 45 bakers donate hundreds of sweet treats for the event and the homemade Christmas treats sold out within 25 minutes of opening the doors! We had very few cookies to replenish the trays after the first wave of customers! The assortment and quality of the cookies were downright amazing. It was a beautiful event, as judged by the people's oohs and aahs as they entered the room. 
A special thank you to the members of the Cookie Walk Committee (Co-Chair Tom Neveau, Vince Mattina, Annette Werner, Janet Drobnich, William Gross, Andrea Walker-Leidy, and Jay Eastman) for the time and cheerful effort they put into bringing it to completion. There was a lot of planning involved, much of which took place during the busiest time of the year. Thank you for making the Cookie Walk a priority! We'd like to thank John Somerville for his invaluable help with getting the word out on social media and to the club members. Thank you to Renee Cortright, who was so gracious in allowing us to hold the event at the OPC when--to my great dismay--the Community House was already booked solid when I went there in early June to reserve it. 
Thank you to Christine Hage and Bill Ebinger for manning the check-out table. You kept things running smoothly so there was no bottleneck when people were ready to pay. Thanks to Jo Allen and the Greater Rochester Community Foundation for lending us the trays upon which we showcased the cookies. And thank you to the Rotarians who showed their support by coming to the Cookie Walk and buying cookies!
A big shout out goes to the helpers from Avondale High School. Those kids came to work! Thirteen young people showed up at the appointed time, ready and eager to follow orders. They worked in the kitchen sorting cookies and delivering them to the setup area. Their efficient help allowed us to start right on time, and the floodgates opened precisely at 10:00 a.m.  Without their help, we would not have had such a successful event.  Also, it was a pleasure having one of the students play piano on the OPC stage entertaining us with holiday tunes.