Maintaining a vital membership is essential to our club.  Our Membership Committee, Chaired by Jim Koester, is trying to recruit new members.  We also want to make sure we retain our current members.  Please contact Jim if you you have suggestions for the committee or would like to proposed someone for membership.
The following statistics give you a snapshot of our membership over the past few years.

January 2003 - 120 Members
January 2006 - 112 Members
January 2007 - 112 Members
January 2008 - 115 Members
December 2008 - 103 Members

Our goal is not to be a huge club, but we must reverse this downward trend.  Please consider individuals in you business and personal networks who might enjoy being a member of Rochester Rotary.  Feel free to contact them directly to discuss membership or to forward their names on to Jim Koester and his committee.