Each year the Rochester Rotary gives away about $12,500 in college scholarships.  The money is collected by the Club's Sheriffs each week through trumped up fines to members.  No member pays more than $3 a week in fines, but the fun is worth a lot more than $3 and supports our worthy scholarship efforts.
Each year we award 2 Paul Harris Scholarships. These scholarships are self renewing each year for four years assuming the student is still in school. The face amount of each scholarship is $1,250.00. We also have the renewing Paul Harris Scholarships, six each year in the amount of $1,250.00, for a total of $7,500.00. For the new Paul Harris and the pledged Paul Harris, we pay out $10,000.00 per year. In addition, we award another $2,500.00 to students in the form of the Sally Case Courage Scholarship, the Rotary Community Service Scholarship and the Rochester Rotary Scholarship.

2010 Scholarship Recipients
Myles Murphy – Rotary Award Scholarship
Jennifer Younan – Rotary Award Scholarship
John Adams - Paul Harris Scholarship
Natalie Phillips -Paul Harris Scholarship
Bradley Kittel - Rotary Community Service Scholarship

2009 Scholarship Recipients
Angela Boyer - Rotary Sally Case Scholarship
Alexander Chivescu - Paul Harris Scholarship
Kasey Kovack - Rotary Community Service Scholarship
Carlin McGrath - Rotary Sally Case Scholarship
Anthony Pecchia -Paul Harris Scholarship
Alexandra Rapson - Rotary Commuity Service Scholarship

2008 Scholarship Recipients
Clay Carnill - Paul Harris Achievement Award
Elizabeth Cloos - Paul Harris Achievement Award
Lindsey Swigart - Rochester Rotary Achievement Award
Josef Walterbaugh - Rochester Rotary Achievement Award
Kirsten Wiktor - Rochester Rotary Award Sally Case Scholarship

2007 Scholarship Recipients
Terra Fox - Paul Harris Achievement Award
Paul Knapp - Paul Harris Achievement Award
Craig Hefner - Rochester Rotary Achievement Award
Lauren Hall - Rochester Rotary Achievement Award
Derek Pachla - Rochester Rotary Achievement Award
Aimee Klinetop - Rochester Rotary Award Sally Case Scholarship

2006 Scholarship Recipients
Emily Cunningham - Paul Harris Achievement Award
Matthew Sheperd - Paul Harris Achievement Award
Ashley Adams - Paul Harris Community Service Scholarship
Brittany Murphy - Paul Harris Community Service Scholarship
Eloise Hill - Paul Harris Community Service Scholarship

For More Information, visit the Rotary Scholarship Information Page