Rochester Rotary Charities Mid-Year Report
The Rochester Rotary Club raised over $42,000 at the annual golf ball drop, golf outing, poinsettia sale, and wine tasting.  The Club, a separate organization from the Charities, raises the money that funds the Charities.
Thanks to the hard work of so many Rochester Rotarians, the Charities Board distributed over $34,000 in the first half of the fiscal year!
Money was given to local entities such as Innovation Hills Park, Neighborhood House, and Rotary Gateway Park. Youth programs included support for our Mexican exchange student, college scholarships, and Neighborhood House’s Back to School program.
Rochester Rotary Charities also sent money to Rotary International to support the effort to eradicate polio.
Operating expenses for the year’s first half amounted to $352, demonstrating that the Club’s fundraising success goes directly to other organizations.