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Imagine Rotary is this year's theme for Rotary International, bringing to mind the 1971 John Lennon song of the same name.  The underlying theme of this song is peace building, which was one of the primary tracks at the Rotary International Conference in Houston, Texas.  My predecessor started this initiative within our club, and I hope to continue along this path. 
Our club (and Rotary as a whole) is filled with an incredibly diverse group of individuals, and sometimes our differences bubble up to the top.  In today's climate, many people look at those differences as insurmountable. I look at them as opportunities to learn and grow.  We are all Rotarians, and our differences do not divide us; they make us stronger as a whole.  Messaging is critical, and respect and kindness will unite us all to serve our club, community, and world.  I am excited about this upcoming year and can't wait to Imagine Rotary!
Dr. Timothy Duncan, DVM
President 2022-2023
Rochester Rotary