This Spring, the Rochester Adams Interact Club broke new ground for high school philanthropy and awarded a fellow Rochester Adams student with a $2,000 scholarship to Oakland Community College; enough to cover almost a full year of tuition.
Each year, the Adams Interact Club raises money for various community and even international projects. A few hundred dollars for winter coats, a couple hundred dollars to buy mosquito nets for populations battling Malaria, or a donation to a local soup kitchen.
But for the 2016-2017 school year, the Adams Interact students set their sights on an unprecedented goal: raising the funds to award a scholarship worth $2,000.
It took an entire year to raise the money through efforts including their innovative morning donut sale which has become an institution at the school in and of itself. Although their goal was an incredible $4,000 for 2 scholarships, they did manage to raise almost $3,000. Enough for one scholarship, with the balance rolling over into next school year’s efforts.
When it came time to award the scholarship, the Adams Interact Club didn’t overlook the need in their own back yard. Not everyone in Rochester Hills can afford expensive college education and being the odd one out in a prosperous community can sometimes feel even more isolating.
To that end, they chose a fellow Rochester Adams student who needed financial assistance to attend Oakland Community College. That way they could help ensure the academic dedication of their high school classmate could continue, no matter what their current financial resources.
“I’m beyond proud of these kids,” said Director of Youth Programming, Wayne Hodges. “They set a remarkable goal and saw the fruit of their efforts. Their dedication to this cause means that one of their classmates will get to go to college. The depth of character it took to identify a hidden need in their own back yard, and spend a year to make a tangible impact is beyond anything I’ve seen before.”
Both Interact members who lead the initiative were both recognized as Paul Harris Fellows, a prestigious award for service to the community given by Rotary.
Rochester Rotary is a local member club of Rotary International, a worldwide organization of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service and encourages high ethical standards in all vocations.