Posted by Christine Hage on Jul 19, 2011

The charitable arm of the Rochester Rotary Club is the Rochester Rotary Charities, Inc., a separately organized 501(c) organization.

Charities Board : 2017 -2018

President: Rhonda Panczyk

President Elect : Alan McLellan

Past President: Jay Eastman

Treasurer: Rev. David Eardey

Alan McLellan 

Eric Whipple

Al Jones

Kelly Dean


So what organizations receive money from the Rochester Rotary Charities? 

Casa Colibri - a medical facility in Guatemala

Rainbow Connection

Rochester Symphony

1775 th  Military Police company

Area high schools senior class activities

Habitat for Humanity

Dutton Farm for the mentally and physically handicapped

Grace Center of Hope

Clinton River Watershed

Several collage scholarships for high school students