Billing Policy
In keeping with the fiduciary responsibilities of the board, this is our policy on paying your club bill.

1. Those members with a debt of over $360 should not be allowed to participate in activities where they can charge their account for the event. If the person pays as they go then there is no addition to their debt.

2. Members should be encouraged to make a monthly payment on a regular basis to reduce their debt even if their payment is below the due amount.

3. When a member's requested leave is approved by the board, the member must pay dues but is not charged for meals for a period of three months. If the member has a debt, he or she should be encouraged to continue to reduce this debt.

4. In an effort to reduce extreme ($360 owed=6 mos. dues & meals total) accounts receivable accounts, members should be encouraged to pay their monthly dues consistently. If a member's accounts receivable acct continues to grow above the $500 mark the member should be contacted. When over $500 the President should call the member to access the situation and see if the member has a plan to reduce their acct. If not, resignation is an option. The board should have the option to act when a member has not been involved with the club's activities or attendance and shows no interest in reducing their debt, to automatically terminate their membership.

As a club we want to work with our members and take into consideration each member's situation. If you need to discuss your account, please contact the club treasurer or president.

Rochester Rotary Board