Guatemala Medical Mission
The Rochester Rotary Club is proud to be a leading sponsor in support of the Casa Colibri Medical Mission in Guatemala.
In 2001, Rochester residents Jay and Linda Eastman bushwhacked their way through the Guatemalan rain forest to assess the medical needs of long-persecuted native Mayan people in remote mountain villages. Since then, with the help of the Rochester Rotary Club, Rotary International, and a long list of other supporters, they have built a sustainable, year-round presence that provides medical, dental, vision, education, and clean water services to thousands of Mayans in dozens of villages. Annual mission trips, full time Guatemalan nurse practitioners put through school by Casa Colibri, and official NGO status have helped to drastically reduce the rates of infant mortality and maternal death, disease, illiteracy, and disenfranchisement, putting the Mayan people in a position to start helping themselves and hoping for a brighter future.
Consider a gift to Casa Colibri to help support their ongoing operations and work in Guatemala:
2018 Mission Trip