The Annual Poinsettia Sale
The 2021 Poinsettia Sale is here! Each year our club sells beautiful poinsettia plants to our friends and neighbors to help celebrate the holiday season. All of the money raised goes to Rochester Rotary Charities, a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, to fund charity efforts here in the Rochester area and around the world. The 2020 Rochester Rotary Charities Poinsettia Sale will benefit local charities and scholarships.

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Didn't get a chance to buy a Poinsettia? There's still time to contribute. Donate a few dollars now and help us support local charities!
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Tuesday, November 16

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Wednesday, December 1 · 8am-noon


 Thursday, December 2 ¬∑ 8am-noo
Poinsettia Sale Results
Not only are our Poinsettias the biggest and most beautiful you've ever seen, but our 2020 Poinsettia was our biggest sale ever. We sold over 1,500 plants, raising over $17,000 including some cash donations. What's more, Bordine's hosted a special fundraising event, giving Rochester Rotary 10% of the proceeds from customers who used our special fundraiser "coupon." Thank you to everyone who bought Poinsettias, donated, or shopped at Bordine's!