Policy on Non-Rotary Fund-Raising
Fundraising for Non-Rotary Organizations 
I.              By paying a $5 advertising fee, Rochester Rotary Club members may announce fund-raising activities for non-Rotary organizations during the weekly announcements.
II.            Flyers or other promotional materials for non-Rotary organizations may be placed on dining tables during the Club's regular meeting for one week only.
III.         Members wishing to promote fundraising activities through Rochester Rotary Charities must get permission from the Charities Board prior to any solicitation.  The Charities Board will take into consideration:
A.     Competition with the fundraising efforts of the Rochester Rotary Club and Charities,
B.      The tax status of the outside organization., and
C.     The amount of bookkeeping necessary to support another organization or individual's project.
IV.         Funds or pledges for non-Rotary activities may not be billed through the Club's or Charities' accounts.
Approve: May 19, 2008
Rochester Rotary Board