Youth Exchange
Rochester Rotary is pleased to promote the Rotary Youth Exchange Programs to our local high school students.
Rotary's goal is to promote world understanding one person at the time.  Every year Rotary sponsors around 7,000 exchange students in the world. These students have the opportunity to see the world  the way it is meant to be seen.from the inside out!  We offer Long and Short Term Exchange Programs. The exchange student can choose from over 20 countries worldwide. There is also a Hosting Program.

Long Term Exchange

The long-term exchange is one high school academic year abroad.  During this year the student learns a lot about the host country, can perfect a second language, and matures immensely, having opportunities of a lifetime and making everlasting memories and friendships. Below are two testimonies from students who experienced the Long Term Exchange.

Short Term Exchange

The short term program is a one month reciprocal exchange during the summer.  The  student travels abroad to stay with a host family and then the student returns home with a member of the host family to live with his/her family here in Rochester.

Hosting Program

Hosting Program is when families can also participate in the exchange programs by hosting students from other countries.  This offers the opportunity to learn about other cultures and to share our true American culture.  Finally, host families help shape the growth of young people from all over the world.
These programs greatly enhance the opportunities and lives of the participants and their families. Please go to for more information and to download applications. If you know someone who has a 15-18 year old who is interested or could benefit from the experience or a family who would like to host, please encourage them to consider the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.
Rotary Youth Exchange - An Experience of a Lifetime!
Contact David Archbold, Youth Exchange Chair, if you have any questions about this great opportunity.