Rochester Rotary is helping change lives globally through repeat mission trips to Nuevo Edén, Guatemala. Rochester Rotary President and local pediatrician, Jay Eastman, M.D., and his wife, Linda Eastman, are leading efforts for the trips.

Through the support of other Rotary Clubs in District 6380 and private donations, Rochester Rotary has sent the Eastmans and other Rochester Rotarians on annual medical mission trips to Guatemala to treat the general population of Nuevo Edén since 2007. During the annual trips, patients that need follow-up care are identified and, through collaborative efforts with other physicians and medical practitioners, the majority of whom are Rotarians, follow-up trips are made to provide the additional care needed.



While on the annual medical mission trip to Guatemala in November 2012, the medical team noted the dire need for a variety of vision treatments. In September, Dr. Eastman partnered with two optometrists and a student from Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Fla. to treat more than 350 patients in Nuevo Edén. Of those patients, 98 received reader eyeglasses, 74 were identified that need prescription glasses and an additional 76 patients were identified that need cataract surgery. Based on the assessment of follow-up care needed, the medical team was in Nuevo Edén from Dec.2-6 to distribute the prescription glasses. An additional follow-up trip will take placeJan. 18 – 24 to perform the cataract surgeries.

“On the mission trips to Nuevo Edén, we see patients requiring all types of care,” said Linda Eastman. “To watch a 10-year old girl walk into the clinic looking downcast and after a thorough evaluation leave thrilled because she is able to read again, is beyond rewarding. You really cannot put a price on one’s ability to see. These medical mission trips, including the vision trips, are life changing.”

The Rochester Rotary Club is looking to raise $18,000 for the trip in January to perform the cataract surgeries. To donate to the vision mission trip, make checks payable to Rochester Rotary Charities and mail to Rochester Rotary Club, P.O. Box 81523, Rochester, MI  48307-1523. For more information, please contact Rochester Rotarian Linda Eastman at (248) 651-9638 or